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Oranges, Mandarins and Grapes.


Varieties: Navelina, Newhall, Navel,
Navelate, Lanelate, Salustiana, Moro, Valencia


Clementine, Nova, Ortanique


Thompson seedless, Victoria, Uva Italia, Crimson seedless

Quality and Reliability

The vision of EXTRA FRUIT S.A. is to guarantee top quality of its products at each stage of the production process and preserve the trust of its customers.

ISO Certification
EU Specifications

Improvement and Innovation

The primary goal of our company is to meet our customers' needs. This goal is fulfilled through continuous investments in both human resources and equipment. The innovation of our products as well as the continuous improvement of the production process are the key characteristics of our company.

Wide Network

EXTRA FRUIT S.A. has a wide network all around Europe: Balkan countries, Scandinavian countries, third countries, Western and Central Europe.